• Does HEMJI use real gemstones on clothing?

Yes, Hemji only uses real gemstones. We work with semi precious and precious stones.

• Is HEMJI primarily a women’s luxury clothing brand?

HEMJI is a conscious luxury clothing brand, our first collection turned out to be all for women but that won’t be it, the future plans are limitless and exciting. We plan on creating gender neutral designs too.

• Does HEMJI customize a piece with an astronomical birthstone of the customer’s choice?

Yes we can customise the stones according to your birthstone and make it even more special for you!

• Does HEMJI use slow production processes?

Pieces at HEMJI are exclusively created to fit you, we do not discard or mass produce. Our philosophy is to create fine quality products for keeps, we are bringing back heirloom fashion. Fashion for HEMJI will always be a mindful, conscious practice in all its processes.

• When does HEMJI go on sale?

We do not furnish new collections every season and we do not go on sale. Our creations are luxurious assets in your wardrobes, they age gloriously and become heirloom investments.



• Do I need an account to place an order?

You can place an order without an account, but creating an account allows you to check out way faster. We only share purposeful updates with you and never spam.

• Does HEMJI ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship worldwide.

• Do you accept COD?

We do not accept cash on delivery yet.



• What size am I?

You can find your size by referring to our size chart.

• My size isn’t available, can the item be customised to fit my size?

HEMJI customises all its outfits for you. You can fill out a simple form for your size and the outfit you’ll receive will fit as if it was drawn for you. 



• When will my order ship?

We try to ship your order as soon as possible however the time taken to prepare each piece varies and we mention the same for each item when you pick it.

• Where is my order right now?

You can check your order status on the link we provide you immediately after you place an order with us. 



• Can I cancel an order mid-process?

You cannot cancel an order once it’s prepared as we create customised pieces.

• Can I return an order?

You cannot return a piece but we can exchange it for you.

• What if I receive a damaged order? 

The chances of receiving a damaged item is highly unlikely as we work on preparing and packaging each piece with extra care, however if you do receive something damaged we can exchange it.