Who we truly are is a power we possess and an honest expression of this power is genuine style. At HEMJI we believe that the simplest things about you are beautiful, like the small stories about every precious thing you own. The elegance of simplicity and keepsake heirlooms are lost arts we want to preserve and keep these stories going on. 


Every collection of ours is binded into mindful chapters which flow with a conscious rhythm. HEMJI seeks to secure your poise from an unrest of trends outside and delve inwards for luxurious scoops of calm. To deepen the experience of our unwinding, we curate with purposeful embroideries ripened with radiant gemstones, known through the ages for their rare imperfect beauty and perfect qualities. The crystallised cosmic energies of these stones on our breezy designs, form a precious possession, a value to be cherished from generation to generation, connection to connection.
We’ve built on our dreams with the same patience and persistence that nature displays in creating these gems from her core. Having minimised all noise from our designs, concepts and visuals, we have preserved our devotion on exhibiting the sheer charm of elegance and the pure glow of comfort.


In the silken touch of our products, their hand crafted vintage motifs and exuberant finish, our founder seeks to create the same warmth which ‘Hemji’ brews in her heart. She believes this brand is a legacy of her grandmother’s intuitive flair for textiles sewn together with her grandfather's eye for the most precious gems and jewels.

HEMJI is what her grandfather called her grandmother with love, and now she aspires to create with the same honesty and simplicity. 



"The inspiration behind the concept of my brand has lingered forever in my background, it's a manifestation of my own love for comfort and the untethered poise minimalism flourishes. The beauty of simplicity is untold, limitless and ever green. HEMJI is the canvas where I try to exhibit the same bliss.”